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Atrium Management Co. treats employees to a personal trainer twice a week

Atrium Management Co. treats employees to a personal trainer twice a week

Atrium Management Co. is a property management company with 32 Central Florida employees.

The company’s top employee amenities and perks include:

  • A professional personal trainer that comes to the office twice per week for a high-intensity functional fitness workout that’s avail- able for anyone who wants to attend

  • Coverage for any of team member expenses for obtaining their real estate license

  • An extensive business book library, which our team can take ad- vantage of

    Atrium Management Co. is one of Orlando Business Journal’s 2021 Best Places to Work winners in the small category, which includes companies with 25-49 employees. 

Here’s more from Atrium Management Partner Michael Krause:

What one benefit/perk do your employees most value? 
Investing in real estate together. We truly believe that it is important that each employee is better off for having worked at Atrium. One of the ways we do that is to provide our team members an opportunity to invest in real estate as a group. This year, we are asking everyone to join us in investing in a townhome development downtown. A few years ago, we asked anyone who wanted to, to put their year-end bonus into a property flip with us, and everyone who took part in the deal tripled their investment. We truly believe in our niche “Investing in People Through Real Estate.” We invest our time money and resources into our employees, clients and customers, and real estate is just the vehicle we use to do that.

How will your company celebrate being a Best Place to Work? 
One thing we noticed while watching last year’s Best Places to Work virtual event was that almost every company on the list incorporated drinking with their teams. So we are going to give the team what they want, and celebrate with some drinks.

What were or are your employees most looking forward to about returning to the office? 
I could be wrong, but I think most employees would say our in-person Friday morning all-hands meeting. This has always been such a fun and uplifting meeting each week, and it is just not the same with half the team virtual. It could also be Friday Happy Hours, where each Friday evening just a bit before closing time, a bunch of the team usually has a happy hour drink to kick off the weekend right.

What’s your office’s “coolest” feature? 
I’d say our coolest feature in the office is our conference room. It wasn’t very expensive, but it pro- vides us a place to get together and collaborate. Some of our best ideas come out of that room, and so the ROI is infinite. We’ve also used it for some fun things, like the time we re-created the Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel Air Music Video.

How would you describe your company culture in a hashtag? 

What famous movie best represents your company? 
Jerry McGuire. Our company is built on relationships and doing the right thing. Jerry McGuire had an epiphany that changed his life forever — that business is all about relationships and no amount of money should change that.

Atrium Management Co.

  • Top C. Fla. executive: Adam Wonus, partner 
  • Best Places to Work score: 93.76
  • Total C. Fla. employees: 32
  • 2020 revenue: $6.03 million

By Cindy Barth, Editor, Orlando Business Journal

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