Being Memorable: Kerry Grygo, Property Manager

Being Memorable: Kerry Grygo, Property Manager

Meet Kerry Grygo, a dedicated and memorable property manager at Atrium Management Company. Kerry embodies commitment, empathy, and a passion for excellence in her work. Hailing from Farmingdale, New York, located on Long Island, Kerry has brought her vibrant New Yorker spirit to the heart of Atrium’s operations in Richmond.

A Slice of Home

When it comes to favorite foods, Kerry’s heart — and taste buds — remain loyal to her roots. "A real slice of pizza from New York" is her go-to, with all the authentic flavors and memories of her hometown. This love for authenticity and quality extends into her professional life, where she ensures that every task is handled with genuine care and attention.

Life Beyond Work

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Kerry finds joy in spin classes, animal rescue, and spending time with her Labrador Retrievers, Jeb and Lucy. Her dedication to animal rescue highlights her compassionate nature, which translates seamlessly into her work environment.

Exploring New Horizons

Kerry’s favorite city to visit is OBX (Outer Banks), a place where she can unwind and rejuvenate. This love for exploration and new experiences is mirrored in her approach to her role at Atrium, always seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth.

A Journey with Atrium

Kerry’s journey with Atrium Management began in February 2022 when she joined Dodson. She became part of the Atrium team when it acquired Dodson’s multifamily business in September 2022 and it didn’t take long for Kerry to become a vital part of Atrium. As the Property Manager at The Nest, she thrives on being a reliable support for her Regional Manager, handling additional duties, and assisting with other properties. This role not only enhances her skills but also allows her to contribute to the growth of the Richmond market.

Embodying Core Values

Kerry embodies Atrium’s core values with every action. A memorable instance of her dedication was at Manchester Grand Apartments, where she assisted an elderly resident with his laundry from start to finish. This act of kindness perfectly illustrates the “Be Memorable” core value that Atrium holds dear.

Among Atrium’s core values, “Ordering The Pizza” resonates most with Kerry. This symbolizes her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, always going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.

Community Involvement

Kerry’s engagement extends beyond her professional duties. Recently, she played a pivotal role in organizing a successful community event at The Nest. The annual summer pool party, in partnership with Verizon 5G, was a testament to her organizational skills and dedication to community building.

Continuous Learning

Staying updated with industry trends and improving her skills is a priority for Kerry. She actively participates as a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and is on track to achieve her Accredited Commercial Manager designation by the end of the year. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that she remains at the forefront of the industry.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Kerry aims to navigate the evolving Richmond market with finesse, tackle emergencies effectively, and transition into an operational role. Her goals are a testament to her drive and determination to contribute to Atrium’s success.

Kerry Grygo is more than just a Property Manager at Atrium Management; she is a beacon of dedication, compassion, and excellence. Her journey and achievements are a testament to the values Atrium holds dear, and she continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Atrium’s Core Values are These:

  • We Actually Care
    We actually care about our owners, our team members, and the properties we’re entrusted to manage. 
  • Order The Pizza 
    Always go above and beyond. There is no task that is outside of your job description. 
  • Ridiculously Hard Work 
    Work until the job is done. We’re not afraid to “die on the treadmill”. 
  • Integrity —  Do the Right Thing 
    Always do the right thing. Nothing is worth hurting your personal reputation or that of the company.
  • Start with U 
    Work on yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Read books, grow personally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 
  • Be Memorable 
    Always work to make a great impression on everyone you meet. Give back, write letters, give gifts, and make people feel special. 

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