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Partner Spotlight | Jeff Singletary

Partner Spotlight | Jeff Singletary

- Singletary Home Team -

Jeff Singletary and his team offer unparalleled service to all their clients in the Greater Orlando Florida Real Estate market. As one of the top producing real estate agents in the area, and with 17 years of experience, Jeff Singletary and his team strive to be the gateway for your real estate goals.

Skill in real estate transactions requires more than knowledge and a license. Thoroughness, vision and integrity are essential to the relationship of trust between agent and client. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority. Whether you are considering selling a home or are looking to buy, either as an occupant or investor, we will be able to guide you through the process.

Our goal is to help you achieve your real estate objectives with expertise and client ease. Ultimately referrals drive our success. We want your transactional experience to make you want to refer us to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Jeff Singletary and his team serve the entire Greater Orlando Florida Real Estate market including Orange County, Seminole County, and cities such as Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Mount Dora, Sorrento, Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Casselberry, Orlando, Oviedo, Sanford, Deltona, Debary, Winter Park and Winter Springs.

What's Your Home Worth? We have helped over 700 families sell their homes and it would be a pleasure to serve you. Receive a complimentary analysis of your home's approximate value on the market today.

Are you facing foreclosure? You may have a better way out. We have helped many home owners avoid foreclosures by helping them handle a short sale on their home working closely with the bank. Our partnership with a title company and a real estate attorney ensures a smooth transaction. Don't make the mistake of waiting too long, contact us today!

Let us know if there is something specific you are looking for and we'll find what you need. Enjoy your visit and please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your next home buying or home selling experience the best it can be! 

Q: Why did you become a realtor?

A: For me, becoming a realtor was a process started about 23 years ago. I started in the business as an investor. At that point in time, I was buying houses, fixing them up and selling them, strictly as an investor. I had a real estate license, I took appraisal classes, I took all types of classes to get knowledgeable in the art of buying a home, fixing it up and then selling it. Families would come to the homes that I had for sale and they for whatever reason did not care for the location, bedroom count, bathroom count, and I would show them another one, perhaps that we were under way fixing up, and they did not care for that one either. I had a real estate license, it was not with a real estate company, and I started to quickly realize that I was not able to help these people. I started to see the opportunty to be able to impact families' lives and help them with the process of buying a home, selling a home or investing in real estate. I put my license with a real estate company and that was 22 years ago. I've been practicing real estate ever since.

Q: What is your main focus as an agent?

A:  I get to go into people's homes, folks interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate and everybody's scenario is different. Just like our lives are different, we all have different needs, different goals, whether we're upsizing, downsizing, relocating to Orlando, out of Orlando, and everybody's situation is different. For me, it's a lot of fun because I get to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and I really enjoy that part. My main goal when I work with a family buying, selling or investing in real estate, is to do it in such a way that when we're done with the process, and they hear the word "real estate," they're going to think of Jeff Singletary at Keller Williams Heritage Realty. There are 15,000 realtors that you can choose from and you've chosen me to be your realtor and I don't take that lightly. My goal is to do such a great job for you that when we're done with this process, you'll be delighted to refer me to your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers and clients for many years to come.

Q: What does success mean to you?

A: In doing what I do for a living, I get to know people. We get to really know their situation, the names of their kids, their grandchildren, their spouses, their significant others. There becomes this opportunity to have that relationship and relationships are everything in life. It's a great opportunity for me to, again, going back to helping folks achieve what it is they want to achieve in life, whether buying, selling or investing in real estate. To be a part of that process is really special and it's a lot of fun.

Q: Why do you choose Atrium as your preferred management resource?

A: That's an easy one. I'm a client of Atrium and I have a lot of experience in the real estate industry. Just like my clients have many choices, I have many choices for a property manager. There's thousands of companies that do what you guys do. The thing that I love about Atrium the most is the owners, the leaders of the company, Michael Krause and Adam Wonus, who started this company five years ago. They bought it, and at that time there were 200 doors. Today, fast forward five years later, they're managing 1,500 properties. The team has grown and when you walk into that office, the energy and the enthusiasm is just oozing out of everybody's pores. It's such a great environment, a very positive environment. The big one is the laser light focus on customer service, whether you're standing in front of them, or it's over the phone.

Q: What one book has changed your life?

A: I love to read and I'm always in the middle of a book. The one book that has absolutely changed my life dramatically was "Emotional Intelligence 2.0." The reason for that is there's 7.4 billion people on planet Earth and we all have our perspective of what reality is and that reality for each of us is as real as the air that we're breathing in this room right now. When we're in the business of communicating with people, talking to people and helping people, it's so important to understand the other person's position and validate it, because it's real. In order to help them with what it is they're asking you to help them with, whether it's to get their investment propety leased, or to help someone buy, sell and invest in real estate, we have to be able to communicate with that person in an effective way to be able to help them. If we can't, there's going to be a conflict in communication and communication is the key to every relationship, whether it's your personal life, family life, business life, finanical life or spiritual life. We all have these different things going on in our life, and the ability to communicate at a very high level I think is what makes a difference in all areas of life.

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