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Start With You Book Club | Customer Service Revolution

Start With You Book Club | Customer Service Revolution

In The Customer Service Revolution, DiJulius points out how numerous companies have made Customer service their biggest competitive advantage, are dominating their industries, and have made price irrelevant. As a result of this Customer service revolution, people are being treated differently, better, and in a way like never before. This is a result of how companies and management are treating their employees and how employees are treating each other and the Customer—which ultimately permeates into people’s personal lives at home and in their communities. Can the way you run your business or treat your Customers have an effect on the world at large? John DiJulius will show you just that! 

Q. Who recommended this book? Why? 

I’m pretty sure I just found this one on Audible. As a leadership team, we were looking for good customer service books to read to find ways of implementing a better customer service experience to our clients and customers. This one had great reviews and it certainly did not disappoint!  

Q. What lesson(s) did you learn from the book & how will you apply it to your business?

I learned A TON of lessons from this book! Way too many to put into words here, but we immediately implemented multiple ideas from this book into our onboarding training. The second day of onboarding training is now all geared towards the customer service experience and how we can provide a first class experience to “Wow” our clients and customers.

Q. What is your number one takeaway from this book?

Your entry level team members may have never experienced first class customer service and you’re asking them to deliver it themselves. We have to show them and help them experience it so they can understand how to deliver it. Another great takeaway is putting your employees in your customers’ shoes. We watched Chic-Fil-A’s “Day in the life of a customer” video (mentioned in the book) and it inspired us to make our own video, which we are in the process of creating.  

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