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Start With You Book Club | The Ride of a Lifetime

Start With You Book Club | The Ride of a Lifetime

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A memoir of leadership and success: The executive chairman of Disney, Time’s 2019 businessperson of the year, shares the ideas and values he embraced during his fifteen years as CEO while reinventing one of the world’s most beloved companies and inspiring the people who bring the magic to life.

Q: Who recommended this book? Why?

Michael: "Adam, because he knew I was going to love it."

Adam: "This was one of the those books that I just kept hearing about.  No one gave me the “Read this one now” pitch but I had heard it was a great book.  I’m glad I chose to read it because I learned a tremendous amount from Bob and his life story.  He has had so many different experiences and it was great to hear his story from the beginning."  

Q: What lesson(s) did you learn from the book & how will you apply it to your business?

Michael: "Sometimes the value in a deal is bigger than the value of that company or deal that day.  If you are waiting for the perfect deal you will be waiting for a long time, sometimes you need to go with your gut."

Adam: “Great is the Collection of many Small Pieces” In Property Management it is difficult to be perfect like so many businesses.  At Atrium Management we talk about winning the moment.  It’s impossible to sustain absolute greatness but you do have the opportunity to “Win the Moment” or each situation by doing the right thing or working to change a poor experience into a positive one.  You can’t win every moment but don’t lose two in a row.  This collection of small wins throughout the day will add up to greatness." 

Q: What is your number one takeaway from this book?

Michael: "Don’t be afraid to make changes and take risks.  Where would Disney be today if they hadn’t acquired Pixar? Many people thought that they were crazy for being willing to spend that much, but they took a chance and it paid off big time."  

Adam: "There was a wide variety of lessons in this book but I really liked hearing about Bob Iger's relationship with Steve Jobs.  I like how Disney has had so much success acquiring other companies and keeping those company’s uniqueness while adding what Disney has to offer.  We acquire Property Management Companies and it was great to learn how others go through that process.  I also loved how Bob holds his commitments to his team as well as his friends.  Bob Iger seems to be a truly exceptional leader and someone we can all aspire to emulate."

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